Our Food Truck Is Currently closed during the winter.

We will be reopening in May of 2019.

With humble beginnings GreenHut Whole Foods Eatery, was created in the summer of 2014.  Co-Founders, Shelby Brown and Andrea Haughton recognized a need for fresh and healthy food options but were disappointed by what was currently available in their community.  In that moment GreenHut was born.  They registered as vendors in the Banff Farmers Market, purchased a Vitamix and a juicer and set out to provide an increasingly health conscious public with delicious and creative cold pressed juices and smoothies.  Entrees, salads, and desserts were soon added to the menu as the community continued to show their support.  

Fast forward to the Summer of 2016, and a new food trailer, "Penelope", rolled onto the scene.  Custom built and perfectly suited for slinging healthy, tasty, delicious, yummy goodness.  Her presence graced the Banff Farmers Market each week as well as select festivals in Alberta and BC.  Long story, short, people loved it!

Building on the support of our mountain community, GreenHut is pushing things even further this year. We worked very hard this winter in order to bring you that GreenHut goodness each and every day of the week. Throughout the months of May - September, we will be serving up delicious wholesome meals and drinks in the Canmore Courtyard on Main St in the heart of Canmore's downtown core. Accompanied by some great vendors like Old School Bus Ice Cream, Bow Valley Standup Paddleboard and Jungle Flair, we have helped to create a welcoming and vibrant space for the community to interact with and enjoy. It's going to be a fantastic season and we are looking forward to sharing it with you. 

We are proud to be a part of the modern movement that is revolutionizing the food industry today.

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Andrea Haughton
Co-founder, Holistic Nutritionist

Andrea has been a Registered Holistic Nutritionist since 2011.  After conducting nutrition consultations for numerous years, she realized the huge need for more natural, healthy food options to be available and co-founded GreenHut to help fill this void.  She is passionate about teaching the importance of consuming natural foods and using natural alternatives as a means of finding one's true path to health and wellness.

Shelby Brown 
Co-founder, Raw Food Chef

Shelby is a wizard in the kitchen and a Certified Raw Food Chef.  She is constantly striving to create new and exciting recipes in her spare time.  She seeks to show how simple (and delicious) it is to eat in a sustainable and healthy way.  Through GreenHut, her goal is to help build strong, healthy communities and families. Envisioning a happy and beautifully balanced life for all.

Sam Brett  
Creative Director

Sam spends most of his waking hours thinking about food. Whether it's conjuring up new dishes, working to perfect the current menu, or seeking out inspiration (aka introducing food to his face), he is always driving to push things forward.